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¿No puede obtener aprobación para un préstamo de coche? ¡Esto es lo que haces!

Nada es más molesto que la necesidad de transporte y mientras que tener el dinero para comprar un coche, un concesionario no lo tomará porque simplemente no califican. Tal vez no tener un número de seguro social o su mal crédito sigue a frecuentar y causar estragos en su vida, por lo que ahora le impide comprar un coche. Seguramente TIENE que haber otra manera, ¿verdad? Sí, sí lo hay. Al final de este artículo usted estará listo para irse con su nuevo vehículo a pesar de todas las probabilidades. Aquí está la solución y aquí está lo que haces.

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Can’t get approved for a car loan? Here’s what you do!

Nothing is more annoying than needing transportation and while having the money to buy a car, a dealership won’t take it because you simply don’t qualify. Perhaps not having a social security number or your bad credit continues to haunt and wreak havoc in your life, thus now preventing you from buying a car. Surely there HAS to be another way right? Yes, yes there is. By the end of this article you will be ready to walk away with your new vehicle despite all odds. Here’s the solution and here is what you do. 

4 Benefits of buying a Pre-Owned Used Car Better Price If you buy a used car, you are saving a large amount of cash – not merely on the price of the vehicle, but as well on the financing. In fact, buying a new car will cost you 3 times more as compared to buying a second-hand vehicle at a fair price. When you have chosen to invest, purchasing affordable second-hand vehicles will need you to pay a cheaper down payment; and if you have a sensible interest rate on the matter, then the whole cost for financing will get cheaper too. Extended Warranty Car makers offer warranty services for new cars between three to ten years. In the case of used cars, purchasing them can give you the power to change the name of the warranty holder into your own name, provided that the warranty has not expired yet by either mileage or years covered. A pre-owned vehicle which is ‘certified pre-owned’ will enable you to have the warranty lengthened so long as the dealership permits. Cheaper Insurance Rates People who acquire pre-owned vehicles will mostly pay a lower insurance premium than brand new vehicles. The reason why the insurance policy of a used vehicle is cheaper than a new one is that the former has a lower value than the latter. If you have ow [...]
Here at Auto Market of Florida we have plenty of options for you if you are looking to finance your next car.  There are several types of credit that we work with.  We work with excellent, average and poor credit ratings. If you fall in the good/excellent credit score you can qualify for our prime lending program (typically 620+ credit rating), if you don’t qualify for that we can do sub-prime lending which is 450+ credit rating.  Sub prime may be for people who’s credit is average or might fall a little below average.  Perhaps your job stability is just not there either.  The final finance option is our buy here pay here program which is an in-house financing option.  This means that we will be the lender for your vehicle.  All of our cars qualify for the BHPH program. Watch the video below for an explanation.  
Buying your next car can be a very exciting thing to do.  Now something that may not excite you is figuring out if the car you like is worth the price.  The car may have problems that are not visible to you or maybe the car has been in an accident and you can’t tell.  Check out this quick video on some things to look for when checking out your next possible used car.There you have it, here at Auto Market of Florida, we are honest with all of our cars and can assure you that you will leave satisfied.  Our cars are of great quality and great prices. Give us a call at 407.476.2900!
Extended warranties have often been thrown at you as a sales pitch by the car dealership when you are buying both a new car and a used car.  People would think that the dealer was just trying to get some more money out of them, but in reality these extended warranties can really save you some money in the long run, more so with used cars. New cars usually tend to have great warranty coverage for 3-5 years depending on the make of the vehicle and usually those warranties will transfer to the second owner if they are still within range and depending on the make as well.  When these warranties are no longer in effect, what will happen if something happens to the car mechanically?  Well you’ll have to spend money out of your own pocket to pay for the repairs and depending on the severity of the problem, it can run you from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. No one can ever know if a car will fail in the future.  Even if the car has been inspected and in some cases even certified, anything can happen.  This is when the extended warranties come into play and save you more than what you originally paid to have this coverage. There are multiple types and levels of coverage offered by the dealership so make sure you read the [...]
Have you ever been in the market for purchasing a used car?  When it came down to choosing whether to buy it outright or finance it, what did you do?  Many people don’t have $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000 saved up to purchase a car outright, their only option is to finance the car. Here are some things to consider before financing a car.  How is your credit rating?  Many if not all banks and lenders will base their interest rate on how well your credit score and history is.  The reason why some people prefer to purchase cash is because they don’t want to pay interest since their credit may not be the best there is.  Although paying a car cash is a good solution, it is not a solution for everyone. Some dealerships will finance a car to you regardless of your credit rating, possibly a slightly higher interest rate than most, but at least you’ll be able to get that car you want.  One thing that should help you make your decision on financing a car is whether or not you NEED this car.  If your credit is so so, but you definitely 100% need this to get to work and live your daily life, then yes financing would be the best choice for you.
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